Thursday, June 30, 2011

nail art




Just a little outfit post for you. I love how sunny these pictures are, as they were taken on Monday morning before heading to work. It's the only time that Soner and I have during the week to take them. He started a new job a little while ago and now works nights.  Our schedules couldn't be any more opposite right now but at least we still have the weekends!

So I wanted to show you these cool little nail appliques that Veronika introduced me to. They called Sally Hansen Salon effects and come in a variety of little designs for your nails. I decided to add my own little touch by painting only one finger and the rest cute little flowers. They claim to stay on for 10 days but i think mine has already reached it's limit at day 6. But I still think that I will try them again. They're so fun for summer party's!

Well, i'm sure everyone is gearing up for this long weekend either in Canada or here in the US. We are planning on going camping upstate, it'll be my first time up there so it'll for sure be interesting. Anybody else got some fun plans?



  1. What a cute outfit! That skirt is so pretty! And I love the ring!

  2. Love that ring. You look great for a sunny day.

  3. Happy Canada Day to you expat for tomorrow! I'll be heading to the lake and maybe a wee bit of cross border shopping down in Grand Forks!


  4. i love sally hansen nail effects, they look perfect. also, i cant just FEEL that amazing nyc morning feel in these pictures. i love the morning sun there... you make me miss it :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Love the skirt and the nails! :)

  6. I neeeed to find a skirt like that! It looks so good on you Mel! The nails are adorable! Have fun camping!

  7. you make me want to buy a midi skirt, ASAP!

  8. Oh, such a lovely outfit! I need to try out the nail effects I've seen so many people use them, they look great.


  9. Oh, I just got some of those to try out. I hear they last a lot longer if you add a topcoat. Can't wait to try them now.

  10. I've used those nail effects before....mine lasted 7 days before I had to take it off, but I do like them cause they are super easy to do. Have a fun weekend!

  11. Very cute little outfit today. I've been wanting to try those nail effects too. The leopard print and lace-looking ones intrigued me

  12. i've heard good things about these nail art sally hansen things... i need to try them.

    and cute cute shoes!

  13. you look super cute, as do your nails!

    I recently helped a girl at work who had heaps of little pearls and rhinestones and glitter on her faux fingernails, I think it's called 3D Nail Art, and I don't think I could handle it on all my fingers! Doing two or more different colors is my fave :)


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