Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My life

Mel's (that's me) life update:

  • I've updated my little Etsy shop with two more items. I'm slowly working on a few other items that should be posted by next week.

  • I joined flickr and have started posting my outfit pictures there as well. I'm going to add other pictures on there that don't make it to this blog. So watch for the update. I'll probably start with past trip pictures and so on. You'll get to see me outside of my blog element.

  • A big thank you to Modcloth, Sari especially, for posting one of my pictures on the Modlife blog yesterday. You can check it out here.

  • I'm heading out to Atlantic City on Saturday. Yes, I'm spending Halloween there which is why I've been working hard on my costume. You'll see pictures by Sunday or Monday, depending on how great I time I have.

  • I'm terribly behind on responding to comments and reading all the lovely blogs I follow. So thank you for reading mine and popping by on the regular!(you know you you guys are!)

  • This week, Cutdrop has some amazing deals on Lorick! Click on the below banner to see whats in store. Ten percent of the proceeds from every sale goes to The Pink Agenda, an organization commited to providing awereness of breast Cancer among young professionals.

About today's outfit: This kind of happened by accident. I had an idea in my head last night that included this skirt (but my blue one), this shirt (I think I've had for over 6 years), and this oversized sweater. But then I soon decided that I needed a print so I grabbed this top that I bought on my Vancouver trip. My tights* are from Uniqlo, and yes they have a little diamond texture to them. So there you have it, my thought process of outfit selection this morning.
*I think I should have a tights sponsor for my blog, don't you?? I'd wear them everyday!! You hear that HUE/WE LOVE COLORS/F21 ETC.....give me some tights!!!!

Shirt}Club Monaco (thrifted)
Top}Thrifted via Value Village
Boots}Thrifted via Atlantis Attic


  1. I just love the colors and patterns in this outfit. You are seriously adorable, missy!

  2. Love it, love it, love it! I know I tell you this al the time, but you really do always look adorable!!

    Ooh I have never been to Atlantic City, but I have always wanted to go. Have the best time!!


  3. lovelie .... wish you the best time in Atlantic city and you, nickie and i have to catch up soon..... xx

    btw: i will add you up on flickr as well.... haha!

  4. Hah! I wish we had tights sponsors! At my new job we have to wear tights all the time, so now I'll be wearing tights EVEN MORE (is that even possible?). We're like walking tights advertisements.

  5. This outfit is adorable! I love the boots, especially paired with the lime green skirt!

  6. can not wait to see your costume... & atlantic city?! sounds loads of fun!!! also, i hope you do get that tights sponsor ;)

  7. I luv this combination of colours, everything goes so well together!! hope u have a good day! :)xx


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