Tuesday, July 05, 2011

moving on.

I've been procrastinating on writing this post all morning. And here we are in the afternoon and finally I've started typing. something.

Even though I'm sure I've made up my mind and everything is said and done, I can't help but feel a little hesitant when I say that this is my last post on Idee Geniale.

After two years and much growing up, I've decided to move on to a new, more me blog. Not to say that this blog isn't me, but I feel like my life has changed and I am no longer attached to it like I used to be. I always said that I would quit as soon as it felt more like a chore than a hobby and so here we are.

I've thought about a lot of things that i could've done instead of just calling it quits; a new blog layout, more lifestyle posts, not posting as often, letting go of sponsors, but all of that wasn't enough for me to be able to really feel happy about continuing with this blog.

So with all of this said, I've moved over to a new blog, new layout, and new beginning. I really hope to see some of you that have been following me from the start or even to the new friends that have just found this blog. You can now read what I'm up to at : www.uneviegeniale.blogspot.com.
{I'd really appreciate it if you'd update your links to my new blog and getting the word out there. }

Thank you to everyone that has been kind enough to follow, support, encourage me throughout these years. I've made a lot of really great friends and hope to meet a lot more of you guys someday.

You can always email me at: melsonier {at} gmail {dot} com.


Friday, July 01, 2011

Remix: Vintage ivory blouse

I highly recommend that everyone have at least one basic ivory blouse. I bought this at a thrift store around three years ago and it is still finding its way in constant rotation in my closet. It's so versatile and easy to style. Here are five fun ways I've worn it in the past.





Blouse: thrifted via Beacon's closet


Thursday, June 30, 2011

nail art




Just a little outfit post for you. I love how sunny these pictures are, as they were taken on Monday morning before heading to work. It's the only time that Soner and I have during the week to take them. He started a new job a little while ago and now works nights.  Our schedules couldn't be any more opposite right now but at least we still have the weekends!

So I wanted to show you these cool little nail appliques that Veronika introduced me to. They called Sally Hansen Salon effects and come in a variety of little designs for your nails. I decided to add my own little touch by painting only one finger and the rest cute little flowers. They claim to stay on for 10 days but i think mine has already reached it's limit at day 6. But I still think that I will try them again. They're so fun for summer party's!

Well, i'm sure everyone is gearing up for this long weekend either in Canada or here in the US. We are planning on going camping upstate, it'll be my first time up there so it'll for sure be interesting. Anybody else got some fun plans?

skirt}c/o Lulus.com

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dans la cuisine: Blueberry Pancakes

Growing up, it was always tradition that Sunday mornings were to include pancakes. This was sort of our treat for going to church, a pretty sweet trade-off really. Keeping with tradition, I love making these on lazy Sundays and of course, they're always from scratch, just like my dad used to make...except mine are now vegan. I made these on Sunday and funny enough, while on skype with my sister right before getting in the kitchen, she had just finished her own blueberry pancakes over on her end of the pond. You can't mess with tradition.  

What you will need:


1 cup of flour
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoons of baking powder
1/8 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of soymilk/ricemilk
2 tablespoons of canola oil
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 handful of fresh blueberries

What you do (skip over the pictures):




  1. Pre-heat a flat bottom pan or griddle on medium heat. 
  2. Combine all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and gently mix together
  3. Add the liquids and mix until you have no more clumps
  4. Add blueberries, or chocolate chips work too!
  5. Your pan should be hot enough by now, pour the batter into 4 equal pancake shapes. 
  6. Once you see bubbles starting to form on top of the batter, that's when you test your flipping skills and turn them over. 
  7. They should be a nice golden color on both sides when they're fully cooked. 
  8. Enjoy with maple syrup, fresh juice and berries. 



Monday, June 27, 2011

swap time




Let's see, where to begin?? First off, this super colorful plaid shirt founds its way to me via Nashville. I did a swap with Alyson, of Alyson is Neat a few weeks ago and have been loving everything she included. Swaps have been helping me cope with my no-buying ban I implemented this year and I've been going strong for 6 months now {with the exception of swimwear essentials} . More on the ban will be coming up later.

These pictures were taken on Saturday. It was spent running errands for the apartment and of course hitting up the farmer's market. I think we've kind of slowed down with getting it all set-up but we really want to finish it up so it's ready for when my mom comes to visit in Just about 3 weeks. Then we headed out to the city to meet up with Nickie, Kelly, and Alex. it was so much fun meeting these girls and taking them out around town. I hope they had fun too.

shirt}Cheap Monday, via Alyson
skirt}AA, thrifted

Friday, June 24, 2011

summer lookbook

  Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share with you this super cute video from my friends over at BC Footwear . I'm pretty much in love with their Summer line! I would like one pair of each please.

BC Footwear Summer 2011 Lookbook Video from BC Footwear on Vimeo.

Now I'm off to go ride my bike... well not just yet but hopefully sometime this weekend. What are your plans for this weekend?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

mullet head




I didn't realize this until I saw these pictures that I have a sort of mullet. It wasn't intential and I hope it's not horrible but it is a little funny. I thought Monday was going to be a little cold out so I dusted off my tights and paired them with this {too} short polka dot dress that I've been meaning to wear. Unfortunately, the weather was NOT as expected and I was way too over dressed for the day..well except for in my office where the temperatures make you feel like you're still in December.

Someone asked me about my gym routine and I just wanted to answer it on here in case anyone else was wondering. I do have a gym memebership but these days I've been having a hard time finding the time to go. I try to work out at least 4 times/ week and that includes doing about 4o-45 minutes of cardio and ending with some yoga/stretching, and a few crunches. That's it. Unfortunately I haven't been motivated to do anything else and am just trying to get back to my ideal weight... I focus more on how my clothes fit instead of the number on the scale.

dress}Zara, via Annie's shop
tights}c/o Welovecolors
shoes}Jeffrey Campbell
tote}c/o Swap.com

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